Monday, 18 June 2012

Dittery Dot Strikes Again

I am such a dittery dot sometimes!  When I wrote my post about Rob Ryan I meant to mention that I had completed my Emily Peacock/Rob Ryan cushion.  So here it is.

Once I found out that Rob Ryan had designed a cross stitch with Emily Peacock I couldn't wait to get it for Christmas (Santa was very very good to me).  I was like a woman possessed once I started it, always had it out while watching tv, and doing a few stitches before I had to go to work.  It says "Give me work to last me all of my life" around the edge of the cushion.  The finished size of the cross stitch is approximately 19 inches in diameter, so it's pretty big.  You can purchase your own at - or on Rob Ryan's Etsy shop -

The wee birdies are my favorite part of the design and it makes me smile when I see them working away.  Once the cross stitch was all finished I decided to make it into a cushion.  I was really nervous about doing this because I have never turned a cross stitch into a cushion and I didn't want to ruin it after all the months of stitching.  So I emailed Ms Peacock and she was kind enough to give me a ring and talk me through it.

I purchased my fabric and trims from the haberdashery store Mandors, and my cushion pad was from The Feather Company.  This pad had to be specially made, it's a drum cushion.  So it's 19 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep.

Everyone keeps asking where I am going to display it because it's so big.  My boyfriend asked if he can put his feet or sit on it, and the answer was "Nooooooo!, it's just to look at!"  If I catch anyone tying to sit on it they will have a sore bottom :P  

Dittery Dot


  1. Love a bit of Rob Ryan! Your cushion looks amazing and I'm so glad you didn't ruin all that hard work of the cross-stitch when you made your first cushion. So impressed xx

  2. thank you :) was really difficult to sew through canvas xx